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Brilliant Minds

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Brilliant Minds is a two-day leadership summit in Stockholm and the platform of a global community and movement shaping the future by challenging the present.

During one of the evenings at Brilliant Minds, the annual banquet called Brilliant Banquet is held and this year the guests got to experience it at Storholmen, an amazing location in the Stockholm archipelago.

“Create a buzz”

The goal of the evening was to create a buzz after the Banquet. We were involved in the creative process to find technical solutions that would impress the guests.

Role of Bombee

We delivered Sound, Light and Special Effects for this evening.

Three smaller stages with sound, stage lights for performances and artists. We decorated the garden with over 80 pieces of LED globes in different sizes. LED lights around the entire garden. Various types of fire effects like fire bowls, fire fountains and flame-throwers.

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